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Spotlight on: Pierre Fray

Today I’d like to share a glimpse of my favorite upholstery company. Like most of my fondest obsessions, I discovered Maison Pierre Fray on Instagram. The French House creates and manufactures fabrics, wallpapers, and custom made carpets and rugs that are wildly inventive and beautiful- drawing inspiration from sources as varied as the French 18th century, contemporary art, and various ethnic groups and traditions. Put simply, their upholstery is divine.

Today I’m  sharing my fave five from their beautiful selection. You can scan the rest of their offerings- and fall down the subsequent decorating rabbit hole- Here


Le Couple

(Print on Linen)

There is a scene in the film “What Dreams May Come” where Robin William’s character goes into the depths of hell to track down his wife and finds it full of drowning, writhing bodies. This print reminds me of that scene. You would think that would be a turnoff- but I like it. I’m imagining this on the ottoman in the dressing room of a repressed tech executive.


Street Dyptique

(Print on Cotton)

This design reproduces the work of young French artist Charles Pringuay, whose highly energetic artworks blend classical technique with street art. This print is just so ALIVE.  I’m loving it for Louis XV dining chairs gathered around a massive stone dining table in the soho loft of an Italian renaissance man. Or a single bergere in a room otherwise tastefully filled with various solids in light blues, whites, creams, and pops of red.



Soleil Noir

(Print on Linen & Cotton)

Doesn’t this one remind you of Maman, the sculpture by Louise Bourgeois? (See below)


I’m seeing it on the walls in the bedroom of an especially daring, bachelor of a certain age with a massive steel 4 poster bed and sumptuous Pratesi sheets. Handcuffs not included.


Garden Party

(Print on Linen & cotton)

This one is a little more bucolic and features cats and monkeys, living in harmony- which we know is fantastical because cats don’t live in harmony with anyone. At any rate I’m loving this for the window seat of a little girl’s room, framed in pink curtains tied back with green silk tassels.


La Smala


Finally, we arrive at La Smala, a collaboration with the students of the School of Decorative Arts in Paris. La Smala portrays Native American characters in their own headdresses and clothing, with embroidery expertly deployed to emphasize certain components and bring the images into 3 dimensions. I am loving this for the Brooklyn brownstone foyer of a particularly woke couple (cough cough), so no one gets the wrong idea. Or for a midcentury daybed paired with camel leather sofa in the Flatiron loft of someone who implicitly trusts my sense of whimsy and promises to love it. Either or.


There is so much more to love from this truly exceptional house, I can’t wait to bring one of these fabrics to life. As ever – thank you for following along with what inspires and delights me.


Miss Sheiky