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Shallow Hal Tuesdays


Tuesdays are hands down the most dreadful day of the week and Tuesdays in January before a business trip to Europe are downright horrendito. I feel like chewing a mouthful of Nicorette gum and walking circles around the floor having a Jerry Maguire moment.

As such, I thought it would be apropos to share some of the more aesthetic and light concerns on my mind these days. What I’m loving and lusting after. Today’s obsession – tableware.

First- Herend Rothschild Bird with Blue Fishnet Dinnerware. Be still and look at these beauties. I will take a full set for a full party, and I don’t mean 12 place settings. As I reminisced with my old friend M this weekend- if you don’t have dinnerware for 24 (or 50?) like our moms do, you’re not ready to throw a real party. Never mind that it nets out to be the same price as a car; I only walk or take uber – surely that counts for something?!!. Classified: Dreamy AF.

Second, can we discuss this monogrammed Sasha Nicholas dinnerware? Southern girls tend to go overboard on the monogram which ends up looking a little insane, but I do love these as a salad dish to layer on top of your birds (see above). I’d get mine with our wedding monogram because I too have a little bit of the psycho in me. Don’t hate!

Finally, I’d layer all of these on these Matouk Placemats I’ve been eyeing. They exist just on the right side of this century to add a little modern touch.

If you are a member of the male species and have read this far, congratulations. As you suspected – we have dreamt up multiple ways to spend your money and ours, and the above is just the tip of the iceberg. And if you are a lady, I hope you enjoyed a trip through the dinner party of my dreams. Happy Tuesday you lovely things. Onward and upward.


Ms. Sheiky