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In retrospect, it was probably a fool’s errand to start a blog given I’ve been in New York what feels like only a handful of days this month, but I’ve just returned from London and it was a wonderful trip. I have some notes and memories to share!

I stayed at the Stafford in Mayfair, and it was one of my favorite hotels ever, which is saying a lot – a perfect mix of Victorian grandeur (prints and chintz and chinoiserie galore) and modern comfort (all marble everything in the bathrooms, pristine and updated facilities). The hotel also has an incredible history- originally conceived as a private residence in the 17th century and owned by Lord and Lady Lyttelton (daughter of the then Earl Spencer). Most notably, the hotel served as a club for American and Canadian officers stationed overseas during World War II, and its famous wine cellars were used as air raid shelters. Below, a few no good, very bad iPhone photos to punctuate some highlights:

^^ Beautifully wallpapered hallways and whisper quiet carpet abound @ the Stafford ^^

^^ A sneak peak at my room – please note those glorious corniced curtains and those velvety teal chairs. Off to the left there was a stunning powder area to do makeup. #Goals for our next bedroom ^^

^^ One of many seating areas with fireplaces downstairs, where I had breakfast with my dearest friend and beloved bridesmaid  from boarding school ^^

^^ I still have no idea what muesli actually is but this one was delicious and probably one of my favorite room service breakfasts ^^

^^ The American Bar- where every available surface is crammed with artifacts, knickknacks and signed photos donated by patrons over the years. The ceiling was lined with baseball caps from every American school or club imaginable!^^

^^The beautiful Fortnum and Mason, where my friend and I stopped in for chocolates after a long Italian lunch in Mayfair^^

^^ One of the many awesome shopping “arcades” filled with beautiful boutiques. I may have gone a little nuts with the shopping given the favorable exchange rate – especially with the menswear for the Mr. which I couldn’t resist! ^^

^^ Tea for one at the classic Ritz Hotel ^^

^^ That one night we went to Peyote with college friends and ordered tacos. For purposes of scale, these were each the size of my pinky finger. London – get it together on the Mexican front por favor!  ^^

^^ Birds on thin ice (1) and in softer waters (2) in the beautiful St. James Park- one of my favorites in London ^^

Other memories (not pictured) : Two days in my clients offices trying to force reason  (an uphill battle if there ever was one, followed by many private tears), conversations with a handful of ignorant pro-Brexit black taxi drivers (thankfully there is a silencing button in the back seat!), drinks at Soho house, a late dinner at Nobu, a 75th birthday dinner for my lovely friend B’s even lovelier father- which was probably the highlight of my trip, a late night in South Ken for after dinner cocktails and countless moments in between. Thank you London for a wonderful couple of days!  I love you I love you I love you – but I’m happy to be home.


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