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Happy 4/20 my friends. Where oh where has this April gone? Am I seriously on a July 4th diet already? curses.

We’ve had a lot going on, quel surprise; this last week alone found us in Chicago and Boston (LA too for my husband); we’ve been redecorating and working and exploring and catching up with friends who have emerged from hibernation. It’s been a whirlwind, but it looks like things might be calming down slightly for both of us and we couldn’t be more thrilled. As such, I wanted to collect myself and share some excellent places we’ve been to and things we’ve done as of late.


1- The Whitney Biennial

This year’s Biennial was politically charged and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course we saw Dana Schutz’s “Open Casket”, a work that has come under a us pharmacy no prescription neurontin for co-opting black suffering (Dana is a white woman). I however found it powerful and beautiful, and thoughtfully done. Dana has promised not to sell or profit from the painting, and I think that should be a good enough compromise for shedding light on a gruesome event in history.

The Whitney’s new space is also incredible, not only due to the fact that it’s a stone’s throw from my current office. The space is expansive and filled with light, and much easier to navigate than the Whitney’s old space on Madison. I particularly loved the works of New York photographer Deana Lawson and LA painter Henry Taylor, both of whom made intimate portraits of black men, women and children. Samar Golden’s The Meat Grinder’s Iron Clothes was a magnificent feat of illusion, and Raul de Nieves’ Installation was a revelation. It is a particularly wonderful way to kick off a weekend as the Whitney stays open late on Friday evenings – go and let me know what you think!

Works by Henry Taylor

Dana Schutz’ “Open Casket”

Raul de Nieves

Another view of Raul de Nieves

One of my favorite rooms – when we went at 6pm it was full of purple light (not captured here)


I know, I’m always raving about podcasts, like a typical early 30’s NPR listening yuppy, but hear me out. On the way down from Boston we listened to “Missing Richard Simmons”, a podcast by obsessed filmmaker Dan Tiburski. An apt description from the podcasts’ own site:

“On February 15, 2014, fitness guru Richard Simmons disappeared. He stopped teaching his regular exercise class at Slimmons, cut off his closest friends, and removed himself from the public eye after decades as one of the most accessible celebrities in the world. Nobody has heard from him – and no one knows why he left. Filmmaker Dan Taberski was a Slimmons regular and a friend of Richard’s. Missing Richard Simmons is Dan’s search for Richard – and the deeper he digs, the stranger it gets.”

It’s so good, y’all.

The second and much more bizarre one I am listening to currently (if that is at all possible) is actually a work of fiction called “Alice Isn’t Dead”. From their site:

“Alice Isn’t Dead – a new serial fiction podcast from the team behind Welcome to Night Vale. A truck driver searches across America for the wife she had long assumed was dead. In the course of her search, she will encounter not-quite-human serial murderers, towns literally lost in time, and a conspiracy that goes way beyond one missing woman.”

After listening to a bunch of depressing non-fiction podcasts (S Town, Missing Richard Simmons), it’s refreshing to get my dose of depression from a work of fiction. At least then I can pretend it isn’t real ;).


Parsons the New School

Finally, and perhaps most exciting of all, I’ve enrolled in night courses at the Parson’s School of Design so that I can begin working toward my certificate in Interior Design. This has been a long time passion of mine and I am over the moon to be taking this step to credentialize  myself in that regard. Who knows where this will take me, though I have big plans for that too – I can’t wait for classes to begin and am so utterly thrilled to be taking this step. So I am knee deep in research on all things interiors and loving every minute of it.


That’s just a touch of what is going on around my parts, but all good things and I am feeling grateful for many things right now. Love to all of you and wishing you all a good and rapidly dwindling week! Enjoy your greens today!


Ms. Sheiky

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Buy neurontin, gabin, gabapin uk, Purchase neurontin online

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