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Greige is my favorite color

Or at least, now it is. I am currently designing a Midtown Manhattan Apartment and in the paint selection part of the process and have found SO many beautiful neutrals to choose from. We are going for a soothing skyscraper aerie….cool grays in the living areas to go with the GORGEOUS marble kitchens and bathrooms, and smooth whispers of beige to inspire sweet dreams in the bedroom. These are the ones I am narrowing in on:


For the Living Room

I. Classic Gray

This color is part of the Classic Color Collection and I just keep coming back to it. It is timeless and elegant and the perfect grey for the clients’ bright south facing living room. Isn’t it just divine? I am told this has the slightest hint of lavender in it which would really be the only thing that would force me to put the kibosh on it for this particular project. But I’m holding out hope once we test it on the walls.

II. Athena 858

What is the difference between this color and the classic grey, you might ask? Good question. I’ll test this one and report back.


III. Pale Oak

Pale oak definitely has more beige in it and I am here for that. It’s so velvety and lush! This would free us up to use more taupe and warm woods in the decor too, (5 million swatches currently in consideration).


IV. Halo

Halo is part of the Off White color collection, and feels sophisticated and serene. I am not a massive fan of midcentury decor but this living room is really nailing it in my opinion. I could live in this beautiful room for sure!

For the Bedrooms

I. Edgecomb Grey

Edgecomb grey is a modern, organic neutral that is much beloved by designers. This one is really dependent on the light in the room as it can go more grey (see Image I below) or more beige (see Image II). For the bedrooms we are leaning toward more of a beige so we will have to test this one out, as the Master has south facing windows and the guest room has north facing ones.


II. Baby FAwn

Baby Fawn is another beautiful shade that really plays tricks on my eyes, as a number of images show it looking near identical to Edgecomb grey. I am told, however, that it has slightly warmer undertones that make it lean more beige, as in the below image.

III. Moonlight White

This color is part of the Off-White Color collection, offering subtle nuances of whites that suit tranquil, serene environments as well as creates color-enhancing accents for dynamic spaces. How stunning is this bedroom? I really, really love this color.


IV. Ashwood

This is described as a pale grey but see a lot more warmth in it. Here it is pictured in two different bedrooms.

V. Soft Chamois

This one is described as lying somewhere between gold and grey, and it exudes warmth and serenity. Definitely the cosiest of the bunch. I am really loving it displayed in the bedroom below with the ivory headboard and neutral rug.


There you have it, the finalists. These were narrowed down from a selection of hundreds,  so I feel pretty good about where we have landed. Next step is test mode! Can’t wait to see where we land. Which are your favorites?


Miss Sheiky