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F. Schumacher & Co. is a privately held company based in gabapentin buy online australia offering stunning fabrics, wallpapers, trimmings, furnishings and floor coverings under two brands: Schumacher, and Patterson, Flynn & Martin. Any lover of design is likely a fan of Schumacher’s broad range of beautiful and luxurious offerings, and I am no exception! What I love about their offerings is that dependent on your mood, or the nature of your project, you can always find beautiful fabrics and wall coverings that are both subtly beautiful and yet so stunning. Every time I go through their selection, I am taken by just how many of their fabrics I obsess over! I love having this creative space to share my favorites of everything with you, so I wanted to share my top selections for my current projects/ state of mind!

For a modern understated living room

How spectacular are these for a chic New York living room? I love these small repetitive patterns that render bold patterns both imminently usable and gorgeously detailed. They keep the focus on the (hopefully spectacular) view while drawing you in in equal measure.


Clockwise from Left: Sullivan in Blue, Sprinkle in Aqua, Mini Leopard in Cloud, and Nakuru Linen Velvet in Mineral.

For a beautiful Bedroom

I love a soothing bedroom done in neutral tones for the ultimate in rest and relaxation.

Tangier Embroidery in Silver

   Piero Stripe Embroidery in Pearl



Corallina in Grey and Brushstroke in Mineral.

For a Touch of summer

These fabrics are so lovely for a summer house project or any room in which you want to channel the glory days of summer! I can’t wait to build an inspiration board around these – the possibilities are endless.


Clockwise from Left: Folly in Orpington Blue, Abstract Leaf in Taupe, Wellfleet Ticking in Ocean, and Temple Garden in Beaches.

For a feminine dressing room

Blooming Branch in Blue and Blush- need I say more? I am LOVING these for a gorgeous settee with pale green silk pillows and plush carpet underfoot. 

Which are your favorites?

For more inspiration, you can visit Schumacher’s Design Blog buy neurontin canadian pharmacy



Miss Sheiky


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Or at least, now it is. I am currently designing a Midtown Manhattan Apartment and in the paint selection part of the process and have found SO many beautiful neutrals to choose from. We are going for a soothing skyscraper aerie….cool grays in the living areas to go with the GORGEOUS marble kitchens and bathrooms, and smooth whispers of beige to inspire sweet dreams in the bedroom. These are the ones I am narrowing in on:


For the Living Room

I. Classic Gray

This color is part of the Classic Color Collection and I just keep coming back to it. It is timeless and elegant and the perfect grey for the clients’ bright south facing living room. Isn’t it just divine? I am told this has the slightest hint of lavender in it which would really be the only thing that would force me to put the kibosh on it for this particular project. But I’m holding out hope once we test it on the walls.

II. Athena 858

What is the difference between this color and the classic grey, you might ask? Good question. I’ll test this one and report back.


III. Pale Oak

Pale oak definitely has more beige in it and I am here for that. It’s so velvety and lush! This would free us up to use more taupe and warm woods in the decor too, (5 million swatches currently in consideration).


IV. Halo

Halo is part of the Off White color collection, and feels sophisticated and serene. I am not a massive fan of midcentury decor but this living room is really nailing it in my opinion. I could live in this beautiful room for sure!

For the Bedrooms

I. Edgecomb Grey

Edgecomb grey is a modern, organic neutral that is much beloved by designers. This one is really dependent on the light in the room as it can go more grey (see Image I below) or more beige (see Image II). For the bedrooms we are leaning toward more of a beige so we will have to test this one out, as the Master has south facing windows and the guest room has north facing ones.


II. Baby FAwn

Baby Fawn is another beautiful shade that really plays tricks on my eyes, as a number of images show it looking near identical to Edgecomb grey. I am told, however, that it has slightly warmer undertones that make it lean more beige, as in the below image.

III. Moonlight White

This color is part of the Off-White Color collection, offering subtle nuances of whites that suit tranquil, serene environments as well as creates color-enhancing accents for dynamic spaces. How stunning is this bedroom? I really, really love this color.


IV. Ashwood

This is described as a pale grey but see a lot more warmth in it. Here it is pictured in two different bedrooms.

V. Soft Chamois

This one is described as lying somewhere between gold and grey, and it exudes warmth and serenity. Definitely the cosiest of the bunch. I am really loving it displayed in the bedroom below with the ivory headboard and neutral rug.


There you have it, the finalists. These were narrowed down from a selection of hundreds,  so I feel pretty good about where we have landed. Next step is test mode! Can’t wait to see where we land. Which are your favorites?


Miss Sheiky


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Today I’d like to share a glimpse of my favorite upholstery company. Like most of my fondest obsessions, I discovered Maison Pierre Fray on Instagram. The French House creates and manufactures fabrics, wallpapers, and custom made carpets and rugs that are wildly inventive and beautiful- drawing inspiration from sources as varied as the French 18th century, contemporary art, and various ethnic groups and traditions. Put simply, their upholstery is divine.

Today I’m  sharing my fave five from their beautiful selection. You can scan the rest of their offerings- and fall down the subsequent decorating rabbit hole- order gabapentin for dogs


Le Couple

(Print on Linen)

There is a scene in the film “What Dreams May Come” where Robin William’s character goes into the depths of hell to track down his wife and finds it full of drowning, writhing bodies. This print reminds me of that scene. You would think that would be a turnoff- but I like it. I’m imagining this on the ottoman in the dressing room of a repressed tech executive.


Street Dyptique

(Print on Cotton)

This design reproduces the work of young French artist Charles Pringuay, whose highly energetic artworks blend classical technique with street art. This print is just so ALIVE.  I’m loving it for Louis XV dining chairs gathered around a massive stone dining table in the soho loft of an Italian renaissance man. Or a single bergere in a room otherwise tastefully filled with various solids in light blues, whites, creams, and pops of red.



Soleil Noir

(Print on Linen & Cotton)

Doesn’t this one remind you of Maman, the sculpture by Louise Bourgeois? (See below)


I’m seeing it on the walls in the bedroom of an especially daring, bachelor of a certain age with a massive steel 4 poster bed and sumptuous Pratesi sheets. Handcuffs not included.


Garden Party

(Print on Linen & cotton)

This one is a little more bucolic and features cats and monkeys, living in harmony- which we know is fantastical because cats don’t live in harmony with anyone. At any rate I’m loving this for the window seat of a little girl’s room, framed in pink curtains tied back with green silk tassels.


La Smala


Finally, we arrive at La Smala, a collaboration with the students of the School of Decorative Arts in Paris. La Smala portrays Native American characters in their own headdresses and clothing, with embroidery expertly deployed to emphasize certain components and bring the images into 3 dimensions. I am loving this for the Brooklyn brownstone foyer of a particularly woke couple (cough cough), so no one gets the wrong idea. Or for a midcentury daybed paired with camel leather sofa in the Flatiron loft of someone who implicitly trusts my sense of whimsy and promises to love it. Either or.


There is so much more to love from this truly exceptional house, I can’t wait to bring one of these fabrics to life. As ever – thank you for following along with what inspires and delights me.


Miss Sheiky


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Today I wanted to share the gorgeous work of my favorite Interior Designer, Cathy Kincaid.

Kincaid is a Dallas based designer with unmatched elegance, and a talent for executing traditional style that channels a sense of the fresh and exotic. Her dexterous use of color is another hallmark, in a style that manages both abundance and restraint in equal measure.

This home in the Highland Park area of Dallas is breathtaking. The Gracie Wallpaper is beyond stunning and I have a special fondness for the sofa as we have the same one in our own living room! This room is layered with beautiful objects but the overall effect remains clear and bright.


Don’t you just die?


Moving onto a dining space. Look at the incredible Zuber wallpaper below. It’s like eating dinner in the middle of a very chic forest, where only chic animals live. Ha.


This bedroom below, from the same Highland Park property referenced above is also divine. Though her signature colors veer toward blues and whites, I love her use of natural cream and green hues in this room. Twin beds can still be incredibly chic!


I filed away the below image because of the exquisite grey on the walls. It is such a beautiful shade, isn’t it?


The abundant trellises in the sitting room below again play with the concept of bringing the outdoors in, to stunning effect. The detailed moldings on the ceilings and the gorgeous paned doors and door frames elevate the room to another height entirely.


I’ve had the below image also bookmarked for ages. I love the interplay of pattern on the ground and bright white spaces as the room gains height, as well as the subtle pops of red in the largely blue and white interior. We have a similar rug in our living room and I absolutely adore it.


Below, the insanely gorgeous orangerie she designed at a client’s home in Highland Park. The space, by Dallas architect J. Wilson Fuqua, was based on the 17th century orangeries on the grounds of Versailles. Cathy’s interior is crisp and classic, injecting the space with comfort while maintaining focus on the lush greenery beckoning from outside.


“I love the value of ‘the mix,’ Cathy says of her interiors.  “It is the one aspect of design that I adhere to—the old with the new, the ornate with the simple, the refined with the rustic. This approach expresses the personality of the client and charms their guests.” And with that, I leave you with my favorite room, possibly of all time. A Turkish inspired dining room that perfectly bridges the Middle East (faded oriental rugs, Mother-of-pearl bone inlay mirrors), the far east (in its abundance use of Chinoiserie), and western design (in the shapely chairs and crisp linens).


Cathy’s work is the ultimate study in contrasts – formal and comfortable, pattern and monochrome, crisp and lush. You can see more of her portfolio cheap neurontin 300 mg shipped overnight if you’d like to explore more. All images above via Veranda and House Beautiful.

May your Mondays be filled with beauty, wherever the eye lands.


Miss Sheiky



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St. Francis of Assisi stated that the “happiness of our lives depends upon the quality of our thoughts,” implying that our perspective on the world, and our experience of it, are one in the same.  No one translates this concept more compellingly than artist Felice Varini, the master illusionist whose large-scale projections super-imposed onto architectural spaces similarly force us to question the role of perspective in how we view the world. Viewed from one specific vantage point, his installations are precise, geometric forms that seemingly hover in front of the structure that they are painted onto; viewed from others they take on the appearance of complete randomness- shattered lines or panes of glass. To view a Varini piece in person is, I imagine, to waver between confusion and complete awe.

   L to R (Arche e Corone, Grand Palais, Arche e Corone)

His technique is anamorphosis, which is defined by a distorted projection or drawing that appears normal when viewed from a particular point or lens. But finding that ideal vantage point is not in itself Varini’s objective for the viewer. Notes the artist, “The viewer can be present in the work, but as far as I am concerned he may go through it without noticing the painting at all. If he is aware of the work, he might observe it from the vantage point and see the complete shape. But he might look from other points of views where he will not be able to understand the painting because the shapes will be fragmented and the work too abstract. Whichever way, that is ok with me.”

Eglises des Jesuites

That said, viewers who are willing to work to find that lens develop a greater intimacy with the allocated space than they would have if they were just passing through. And what Varini’s work accomplishes is the feat of forcing the viewer to slow down, question their surroundings, and experience their surroundings. In a city like New York, it is these spaces that take on such a special role in the public sphere.


Eglises des Jesuites

This is why Varini is such a compelling artist to channel for an interior space. The duality of his work is what makes it striking: simple shapes against ornate architectural detail; primary colors projected against neutrals; crisp paint relative to crumbling infrastructure; immense scale versus the precise vantage point at which the picture comes together. All of this should be reflected in a space that truly embodies his art.


In this, we join the ranks of numerous cities who recognize the wonder of his approach and commission him to rejuvenate public spaces and historic monuments. With washable paint he has wrought an indelible mark on many antiquities, painting the walls of Versailles, 12th century abbeys in western France, 15th century Augustinian monasteries in Monte Carasso, and alleyways in New Haven alike.  Interpreting his references, we will create a space that forces New Yorkers to consider the world around them in a new way.


(L to R: 56, Avenue du President Wilson, New Haven Alleyway, Grand Palais, Trois Triangle Orange.

In a city where old is frequently torn down to make way for new, super imposing the modern on top of the crumbling is a novel and welcome concept indeed.


Sept Couronnes Excentriques, Felice Varini, Le Chateua d’Olonne, France, 2006


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Yesterday was my first day of class at Parson’s School of Design, and I’m kicking off my coursework with Interior Space Planning. I thought it might be fun to take you all along for the journey from concept to virtual execution, and take you into the approach of a (budding) designer!

As a first assignment, we were asked to research and review the work of a contemporary artist, and choose one to be both the inspiration for and client of our space. We were given the following list of artists to choose from. Talk about an impossible choice! See below for sampling of their work. Can you guess which one I chose before I reveal my first assignment? Which would you choose as your inspiration?


Maya LIn


Anish Kapoor



Yayoi Kusama

Jesus Soto

Ann Hamilton

Richard Serra

Michael Heizer

Ai Wei Wei

Kara Walker

Jenny Holzer

James Turrell

Felice varini

Olafur Elliason


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I am counting the days until my courses at Parson’s kick off this June, and in preparation have had a blast recommitting to indulging my creative pursuits. Below, a few standouts that I wanted to share with you, so take a pause, grab a cup of coffee (or tea, no judgement) and prepare yourselves for some serious drool worthiness below.


The 2017 Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse

My friend Hilary and I decided to take a trip uptown to the Kips Bay Decorator’s Showhouse. What on earth is that, you say? Well dear reader, I’ll tell you. The showhouse is an annual event where celebrated Interior Designers transform a luxury Manhattan home (understatement of the century) into an absolutely bananas exhibition of fine furnishing, art and technology. The event raises critical funds for after school and enrichment programs for New York City children (getting your kicks in while benefitting society? yes please)- and as grown into “a must see event for thousands of design enthusiasts…renowned for sparking interior design trends throughout the world.” This year’s showhouse is on 65th street between Park and Lex (e.g. heaven), and was such a perfect way to spend an evening with one of my best girlfriends. To add to the visual delight, a number of the designers were on site (we went on opening day) and it was so great to have them answer our questions about materials, thought process, and the nitty gritty details behind the details! Herewith, some of my favorite rooms.


1- Susan Ferrier of McAlpine’s moody bedroom & Living Suite :

2- the utterly glamorous bamboo framed backyard :

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3- Designer Ken Fulk’s divine with a capital “D” dining room:

4- another look at ken fulk’s room- look at those incredible curtains:

5- Look at that heavenly de gournay wallpaper. i  died and went to heaven, only for that giraffe to bring me back to life:

6- Richard Misshaan’s sultry sitting room:

7- Kirsten Kelli’s incredibly innovative mix of modern and traditional:

I will show more details photos in subsequent posts – as there were too many to share! But the whole place is divine and worth every penny of the $40 admission fee. Plan your visit buy cheap neurontin online.



When I’m not roaming the streets of New York seeking out mansions to walk through, I’m doing my share of reading! The below are a few I’ve added to the shelves as of late.

How They Decorated illustrates some of the great rooms of the twentieth century, whose stylish residents influence our tastes today. Translation: how did women with all the moola and style in the world decorate their homes? From Bunny Mellon to Mona von Bismarck to Georgia O’Keefe – this book dives into their aesthetic approaches, categorizing them into “The Fashionably Chic” “the Unconventional Eye, “in the Grand Manner” and “Legacy Style”.

Via Rizzoli: “Known for his meticulously researched, European-inspired style, Marshall Watson creates interiors that are rich in texture, detail, and simple luxuries. In his first book, Watson shares his finest work, demonstrating that while each of these homes is as unique as its owner, they all adhere to principles that transform a mere series of spaces into a genuine, coherent home: warmth; light; peace; comfort; balance; proportion; livability; and last but not least, appropriateness. Whether in an Italianate villa in Los Cabos or a family idyll on a Swedish island, a Gramercy Park apartment that blends shimmer and restraint, or a Newport Beach cottage warmed by walls finished in egg-yolk yellow, Watson explains how he translated each family’s lifestyle and aspirations, the house’s history, and the surrounding environment into a highly original form of elegance—and how anyone can discover his or her own.”

What I particularly enjoy about this book so far is that you can’t pinpoint a replicable “style” of his that is imprinted on every house, which is refreshing in an age when you can look at a house and almost immediately tell who laid their paws on it. In my opinion, you don’t hire a decorator to impose their view of the world, you hire them to impose yours. Nowhere does this come through more clearly than in Watson’s interiors – a beautifully photographed and written book.


From designer and blogger Erin Gates, a fully illustrated book packed with advice, ideas, inspiration, and anecdotes about designing a home that reflects your personality and style. Written in a fluid and conversational tone and divided by room, it is such an enjoyable read and really well done and accessible, despite her very obvious talents. I adored this book and basically gobbled it up in 2 days.

From the man himself: “This is a book about dreams coming true; the curiosities in the rooms I have decorated; and the people, artists, and places that have inspired me. When all is said and done and I am long forgotten, maybe someone will find this book in a dusty library—if such a thing still exists—and glimpse a bit of the pleasure my life has given me. I want them to have the sensation of dancing across an MGM soundstage, silhouetted in a klieg light, because that was my intention with this book, a very personal blend of work and fantasy.”

—Miles Redd

Needless to say, I can’t wait to crack this one open. Leaving it for last (notably because it’s also the heftiest of the bunch!)


Apart from these, sometimes the best inspiration truly comes from walking the streets of New York, and I’m grateful to be doing more of that now that the weather has turned (all the way up to 60 degrees! Come on Summer). Yesterday, I took 21st street East from 10th avenue, admiring the Chelsea brownstones and gorgeous flowers in bloom; sometimes the free entertainment is truly the best there is.

Until next time,

Miss Sheiky xx


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Tuesdays are hands down the most dreadful day of the week and Tuesdays in January before a business trip to Europe are downright horrendito. I feel like chewing a mouthful of Nicorette gum and walking circles around the floor having a Jerry Maguire moment.

As such, I thought it would be apropos to share some of the more aesthetic and light concerns on my mind these days. What I’m loving and lusting after. Today’s obsession – tableware.

First- Herend Rothschild Bird with Blue Fishnet Dinnerware. Be still and look at these beauties. I will take a full set for a full party, and I don’t mean 12 place settings. As I reminisced with my old friend M this weekend- if you don’t have dinnerware for 24 (or 50?) like our moms do, you’re not ready to throw a real party. Never mind that it nets out to be the same price as a car; I only walk or take uber – surely that counts for something?!!. Classified: Dreamy AF.

Second, can we discuss this monogrammed Sasha Nicholas dinnerware? Southern girls tend to go overboard on the monogram which ends up looking a little insane, but I do love these as a salad dish to layer on top of your birds (see above). I’d get mine with our wedding monogram because I too have a little bit of the psycho in me. Don’t hate!

Finally, I’d layer all of these on these Matouk Placemats I’ve been eyeing. They exist just on the right side of this century to add a little modern touch.

If you are a member of the male species and have read this far, congratulations. As you suspected – we have dreamt up multiple ways to spend your money and ours, and the above is just the tip of the iceberg. And if you are a lady, I hope you enjoyed a trip through the dinner party of my dreams. Happy Tuesday you lovely things. Onward and upward.


Ms. Sheiky