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I’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic for childhood this week, partially fueled by the joy I felt shutting off my brain over the last 2 weeks, and partially due to a few things I have been listening to and watching. For anyone else with an inkling to take a walk down memory lane, read on….

The first was the Podcast “Kid Logic” from this American Life, a podcast that I listen to frequently on my daily walk to work. This episode chronicles stories of kids using perfectly logical arguments to arrive at laughably inaccurate conclusions. All of the examples were wonderful, but one in particular hit home, which told the story of a woman who, long into adulthood, pronounced the sign reading “Child Xing” as “Child Zing.” This is something I literally still do, so it spoke to me. Give the podcast a listen, if for nothing else than to get a little laugh in at my expense; it is hilarious and heartwarming and excellent.

The second is the CNN series “The Eighties” which we discovered on Netflix last night. This docuseries produced by Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman chronicles the events and popular culture of the United States during the 1980s, including but not limited to the rise of Television, Reaganism, the fight against Aids, the Fall of the Berlin Wall, the Tech Boom, and the embrace of Greed. It is  absurdly good so far. I found myself singing along with all the sitcom theme songs and laughing at Alex P Keaton and howling I Want my MTV! at the TV.  I can’t wait to dive into Episode 2 on the Reagan Years tonight.

If I continue on this path, I will be wearing homemade sweaters with lipstick pails on them and sporting a Ramona Quimby haircut in no time. I’ll be running through sprinklers and riding my bike everywhere.

It was a better time frankly, a simpler one where I didn’t stare at a screen all day. And while we all have grow and evolve; it’s nice to know we can step back into those worlds momentarily and recapture the moment when time calls for it.

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